Welcome to Round Table 65 Skælskør

Round Table is a gentlemens club for men between 20 and 40 years. Our motto - Adopt - Adapt - Improve aims to develope the members through commitment and free debate, to expand networking outside their normal circle of friends and profession as well as work for understanding and friendship, both nationally and internationally, regardless of race, creed or political belief.


Round Table 65 Skælskør is a part of Round Table Denmark which consists of approximately 2,200 members, 131 clubs and 8 regional districts: North Jutland, West Jutland, East Jutland, South Jutland, island Funen, North Zealand, South Zealand and Copenhagen (included Bornholm and Greenland). The local management is handled by club boards while national management is exercised by an elected head board consisting of national chairman, deputy national chairman, international contact and chairmens from each of the regional districts.


Round Table was founded in 1927 by Erminio William Louis Marchesi in Suckling House in Norwich as one arising out of Rotary. Round Table was founded to create a club where young men could meet and exchange experiences and ideas without being subject to older members influence.


In 1936 Round Table Denmark was founded and became the first Round Table organization outside of England. The first club in Denmark was established in Copenhagen.


Round Table 65 Skælskør was established 19th november 1959 by Round Table 51 Korsør – and it has an average of 12-14 members.


For further information about Round Table Denmark go to the national website www.rtd.dk